Men, Infant, and Children, (MIC), Male Parenting and Life Skills


Graduation Testimonials

“When I came back from the Middle East, after serving two consecutive tours, I realized that my relationship with my teenage children had changed. After taking the MIC class, I was able to get back on track with my relationships, and now things are much, much better. Thanks Tom”-- K.G.

“When I learned about the broken heart concept, I realized that there were things I did not get from my father. Now, with those roadblocks are gone from my life, I can be a better parent to my children."—Donny

“I am attending the class to support my son in raising my grandson. I have learned that my job as a father never ends. This class is great”. --D.F.

"The Men, Infants, Children Program – MIC is important, and an amazing program where fathers can come tighter and grow in their parenting skills. You get together in a group session, which invites great communication to bring fathers together, and grow as parents. One of the best aspects of the program I feel is that it helps the father in co-parenting to benefit the child, or children. What helped me out the most from this program is the best gift a child can have, a father that is a positive role model, involved in the growth and development of the child, or children’s lives." -Arley R.

“I enrolled in MIC (Men, Infants, and Children) after looking at the website. I know I was struggling in many areas. I had positive thoughts going in, I am 100% for being a better parent – father. After being in the class it really jumped out at me what I was doing really wrong and how bad it was affecting my child. It was not only me, it was both of us. I think if any parent has doubt in their parenting they should take this class. It is so educational and helpful. It is not about you, it is for the children. Everything you do or say it is going to affect your children. I am so glad I took this class. Thank you Tom.” -J.M.